LaBITconF is an event about cryptocurrencies which has been carried out since 2013 and which brings together the main activities and companies in the Latin American sector.

The event, which takes place in El Salvador from November 15 to 20, can be seen by streaming in different parts of the world.

Clarín consulted Ignacio Gimenez, Director of Business Development of Lemon Cash, the Argentine company that is behind the development of the implementation of bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador.

Here, five keys to the event.

1.What is LabitcoinF

It is an event that brings together the most important personalities of the crypto and Bitcoin ecosystem in particular, with the aim of promote the adoption of Bitcoin at the regional level. It is made in El Salvador due to the historical fact of being the first country to accept BTC as legal tender.

The main organizer and those who push: they are: NGO Bitcoin Iberoamérica (same people from NGO Bitcoin ARG).

2. What events will there be

There are panels where personalities and specialists of the ecosystem will give talks on specific topics related to crypto, they are made hackathons where solutions for specific problems are brought to the forefront and they participate by a grant. In addition, the local government together with the main advertisers organize meetings to networking, business rounds and project linking.

3. How does it look, where, how do I sign up?

All the info is on the official site. Through the web, you can register and pay the ticket you want (if you wish). But it will also be broadcast on a platform streaming.

4. How is the Latin American scene of crypto

Chivo Wallet, the system used in El Salvador. Reuters photo

Super active and with a common goal of all the actors: to continue advancing in the adoption and crypto solutions for everyday life. Countries with economy “hit” they are where the intention to find new solutions is most appreciated.

Something to highlight: the ecosystem is very open and there are no taboos, everyone pulls to the same side. It seeks to grow together as an ecosystem, beyond the position that the company / stakeholder occupies.

5. What place does the case of El Salvador occupy?

It is transcendent, and precisely because of what happened in El Salvador it was decided to set up the edition of the event in that country. Still is on a learning curve for adoption, but having a law that accepts Bitcoin as legal tender is a great push for all players (both local / international companies, personalities, etc.) to help overcome it.


"Bitcoin Cash", the project to publicize the cryptocurrency in Latin America.  Photo @labitcoineta

“La bitcoineta”, the project to publicize the cryptocurrency in Latin America. Photo @labitcoineta

  • Bitcoin Beach is the place where Bitcoin was first adopted as a means of payment, even before the bill. It is the area where Bitcoin can really be appreciated and seen in its implementation. You can pay with Bitcoin in restaurants, cafes that overlook the beach, artisans or street vendors.
  • Bitcoineta experience. There are groups of people (not belonging to a company) who travel through Latin America, teaching about Bitcoin and helping the adoption of BTC in every way. Its goal is to connect people with technology, reach places that they naturally would not reach, and that would really benefit from the implementation.
  • You see many ATMs of Chivo wallet, the national wallet that takes crypto. It helps you withdraw cash with a balance that you send from BTC.


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