Again: a huge glitch from = strike many sites in the world, including Facebook and Google

A huge malfunction caused Tuesday night the collapse of many sites in the world, including Facebook and Google. This is due to a glitch in Google’s cloud services, which led to the collapse of various supported websites. Among the sites that experienced glitches: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapshot, Spotify, Amazon and many more.

As you may recall, in early October there was a global crash during which the popular apps WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram crashed. The glitch lasted for long hours during which it was not possible to refresh the apps, send messages or post comments. It is estimated that the error was caused by a configuration error.

A statement from Facebook said: “Our network services have returned to full operation. The disruption to network traffic has affected the way our information centers communicate, which has caused our services to stop working.”

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