The mission of the Israeli who is about to fly into space is expected to break a significant record

About three months before the historic launch: Axiom Space today (Wednesday) unveiled the studies to be conducted by members of the first private astronaut team in history on the International Space Station. The four team members of Mission Ax-1, under the command of Michael Lopez Allegria, will conduct more than 25 trials and complete over one hundred hours of research during their stay at the station. The information generated from the studies and from the technological demonstrations and observations on Earth, is expected to expand the application of micro-gravity conditions to other disciplines.

“So far, humanity has only realized the edge of the potential for groundbreaking innovation inherent in the Earth’s low satellite orbit. Axiom was established to push this boundary, first with private expeditions to the International Space Station, followed by the launch and operation of the first commercial space station, and finally “Creating a city in space and expanding the human presence in orbit around the Earth,” said Mike Superdini, president and CEO of Axiom Spice. We are confident that this mission will be a significant milestone not only for space travel but also for the beginning of the realization of the potential inherent in making space available to private citizens and organizations. ”

The studies in the Ax-1 mission

Larry Connor, Ax-1 mission pilot, will conduct research for the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic Medical Centers. These research projects are the result of an ongoing partnership with these centers. Conor’s experiments for the Mayo Clinic will provide information on the effect of space travel on aging cells and heart health.

The study with the Cleveland Clinic includes high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) imaging before and after the flight, to learn about the effects of the flight environment into space on spinal and brain tissue.


Mark Pati Will conduct research for the Children’s Hospital in Montreal, the Research Universities of Canada and the Royal Geographical Association of Canada. He is expected to take part in scientific research projects in collaboration with researchers from six universities, as well as in feasibility research with two start-ups.

Among Patai’s projects, there is also research that seeks to help dispel the mystery surrounding the phenomenon of chronic pain and sleep disorders, which occur while traveling in space, which is an environment characterized by lack of gravity, exposure to radiation and isolation. Another project deals with neuro-ocular syndrome (SANS) associated with spaceflight, and manifests itself in changes in visual acuity in astronauts during long spaceflights. These changes are considered a risk for deep space exploration. Additional research projects are being conducted in collaboration with researchers from UBC, Ontario Tech, Simon Fraser University and Calgary University, selected after consultation with the Canadian Space Agency and the Space Research Community.

In addition, the outskirts are expected to lead observations on Earth that will contribute to advancing the analysis of the effects of climate change, urbanization and other factors on ecology and life in North America. At the same time, it will also incorporate additional educational initiatives into its Ax-1 mission activities, including providing a curriculum in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to more than six high schools in Canada.

Ethan Steve, Who will participate in the mission on behalf of the Ramon Foundation and in collaboration with the Israeli Space Agency in the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, is expected to perform about 25 experiments during his stay in space. It seems that the entire mission, and the ‘Sky’ mission within it, is set to break a world record for the largest number of experiments ever performed on the International Space Station in just one week.

As mentioned, the “Sky” mission, led by Eitan Steve, the first Israeli on the International Space Station, is another landmark of Israel in space exploration. The name given to its mission, “Sky”, is a synonym for the sky that appears in the book of Genesis, on the second day of creation, and connects to the protective atmosphere of life on earth. During the mission, Stiva will conduct scientific experiments and educational and artistic activities designed to connect the younger generation in Israel and around the world with the values ​​of peace, innovation and social responsibility. In addition, the “Sky” mission marks the first time that Israelis will have access to the International Space Station in Hebrew.

“The Sky Mission is a unique opportunity for Israeli entrepreneurs and researchers to advance innovative ideas and test their experiments in a unique research environment, thus contributing to the international and Israeli research ecosystem,” said Inbal Kreiss, chair of the Scientific and Technological Committee in the Aerospace Industries Division. The mission reflects international cooperation between research and academic institutions, startup and technology companies, world-renowned medical institutions, and more.

The Scientific and Technological Committee has selected an unprecedented number of experiments that will take part in the mission and have been approved in conjunction with NASA. “The experiments are innovative and groundbreaking and come from a variety of fields – astrophysics, agro-tech technology, optics, communications, biology, health, neurology and ophthalmology,” she explained. To lead to technological, scientific and medical breakthroughs that will affect the quality of human life on Earth and in the long run on the future of space missions. ”

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