About two weeks after the State Attorney’s Office’s cyber department announced the blocking of “Black Shadow” groups in the telegram and the closure of the site, the Iranian hackers announced today (Wednesday) that the site and channel will be reopened.

In addition, the crackers released in the afternoon three files containing about five thousand documents (a total of 15 thousand documents) belonging to the insurance company “Shirbit”. Customers sent with comprehensive information including and more.

Shirbit Company Offices (Photo: Flash 90)

As you may recall, in December last year, the Capital Market and the National Cyber ​​System Authority announced that a cyber attack had taken place on the insurance company’s servers. It later emerged that the same group of Iranian hackers was behind the attack, and after Shirbit decided not to comply with the “ransom demands” that it pay $ 1 million in bitcoin, the hackers began publishing materials, including medical documents, photos and IDs of the company’s insureds.

“Black Shadow” later announced that they had managed to sell what was defined as the “first package” of information stolen from the company’s servers. , But the passport includes the identity number of Leiboshor.

Shirbit said: “The attack group attributed to Iran, black shadow, which is behind the announcement is known to us from previous incidents, and has published similar announcements in the past regarding known and recycled material. An initial inspection shows that this is not a new hacking incident.”

Recall that last March the hacker group claimed to have attacked a car transaction credit company called KLS Capital and destroyed its servers and the data of their customers is in its possession. It was also written that the company refused to pay the amount they requested – 10 bitcoin.

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