Instagram will ask some users to photograph their faces from several angles, in order to make sure they are indeed a real person, according to screenshots posted by Matt Navarre, a social media consultant. This is part of a new feature that the app is developing, as part of the fight against fake accounts and bots – which can, among other things, send spam messages, harass or inflate the numbers of likes and followers.

According to a report published in XDA Developers, Meta (formerly Facebook) started testing this feature last year but encountered technical issues. Many users who were required to verify the account on the platform by taking selfies, reported that in the help window in the app it is highlighted that the camera scans the face from all angles.

Instagram also tweeted that when identifying suspicious account activity – such as a quick tracking of lots of profiles, they could be required to take a video of their faces. In addition, they stressed that this feature uses face recognition technology, and stressed that the company’s teams are reviewing the videos.

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