Apple will allow any customer to repair their own iPhone at home

In what is seen as a total turnaround in its strategy, Apple now accepts that users can repair their equipment at home. To this end, it will provide a technical assistance manual and a tool kit to unlock the boxes.

This will happen from 2022 in the United States and throughout the year other countries will join. The idea is that anyone who is in a position to repair an iPhone on their own you can ask the company for the necessary spare part together with the precise tools and you will have the official manuals at your disposal.

The initiative will start first with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lines and continue with Macs based on the M1 chip. Customers who want to fix their products will be able to access in the near future to more than 200 Apple parts and tools.

For now, Apple will focus on the parts that receive the most replacement requests, like the screen, the battery and the camera of the iPhone.

Apple will provide tools and manuals to fix iPhone phones.

Official repair manuals will be published on the company’s support website for download, with the same instructions that your technicians follow and those of authorized centers. This material will be public and available to everyone.

Once the repair is complete, the user can return the part to Apple, which will take care of recycling and provide a customer credit. This system will start with the most common elements that usually make it necessary to bring the devices to the workshop, such as the screen, the battery and the camera in the case of the iPhone.

More complicated repairs will begin to be added to this program throughout 2022. The idea is that those users with the best ratings are recommended by the company.

Repair an iPhone at home

According to the company, this self-service repair is focused on “technical users with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices.”

Apple has clarified that this program is not suitable for everyone and that most customers will prefer to take the devices to their stores for repair, to its 5,000 Authorized Service Providers (ASP) or its 2,800 independent repair shops in more than 200 countries.

The company explained that in the last three years it has doubled the number of places that have the same parts, tools and training that Apple uses internally.

Those users with technical knowledge will be able to repair their own iPhone phones. Those users with technical knowledge will be able to repair their own iPhone phones.

Users who consider making a repair on their own will access the Apple support website to a clear explanation of how the process will be before they decide to order parts and tools.

The company wants to make sure that the person will feel comfortable with the repair process and will have a clear understanding of how to do it as soon as they receive the material.

An important aspect to take into account is that of guarantees. Apple sources assure that the situation will not be different from the current one. When the repair is carried out in an official store or an authorized workshop, there is a direct guarantee of the same.

If the problem was with the replaced item, the company will check the part to determine if it is covered under warranty. In addition, the device’s warranty will not be affected by the simple act of repairing it. That way, if a user does, for example, a battery replacement and later has a problem with the camera, the warranty will remain in force.

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