The new design of the app ‘Your phone’ for Windows 11 will highlight notifications

The ‘Your phone’ application, which allows you to manage Android mobile apps from your computer, will have a new design in line with the one presented by the Windows 11 operating system, which will highlight the notifications.

‘Your phone’ is an application that allows connect an Android mobile phone with a Windows computer, allowing you to manage notifications, make and answer calls, maintain conversions via chat and view recent photos directly from your computer.

The company has announced that it is preparing a new design for this application, which will feature a new organization of the feed in which the notifications of the applications most used by the user will be displayed in real time.

This redesign will highlight notifications, which can be viewed at a glance, but the company indicates that the user will continue to have access to messages, calls and photos, as explained in the shared post on the Windows Insider blog.

Together, the ‘Your Phone’ app will adopt a design in line with that of the new operating system, Windows 11. This update has started to be distributed within the Windows Insiders program, pre-build 22504.

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