Pelephone, together with Astronix and Pal Electronics, has developed an IoT solution for a system that turns “stupid” gates, those that open and lock only with locks, into smart gates with the option of opening and closing remotely via an application and management interface.

The new system, which will open and close the gates automatically, is based on an upgrade of classic iron gates that are closed by a chain or bolt with a standard lock for smart gates. In order to turn them into smart gates, changes were made to the gates’ structure: mechanical components were added to track the activity of the gate without human contact, and electromagnetic locks were installed with smart controllers connected to Pelephone’s cellular network. Closed during the day until remote initiated commands for opening and closing.

The system is very useful for factories and educational institutions: Today, most schools in the country serve as leisure and welfare infrastructure for the city’s residents after hours of operation. The innovative solution was required after for years municipal security departments would send scouts to educational institutions scattered throughout the city to open school gates (after hours), and at the end of the day scouts would be sent again to lock the school to prevent vandalism of various kinds.

Sending Rangers to all educational institutions is an action that consumes financial resources and also prevents the Rangers from engaging in other important tasks. The gates are opened and closed as stated through a dedicated application and management and control interface (SHUV) which are located in the control room of the 106 municipal hotline and with the inspectors and the municipal court

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