Head to head with Tesla: Apple is developing an electric vehicle capable of autonomous driving

The tech giant is entering the electric car market on its own – and will try to develop a version with full self-driving capabilities and without the need for a driver • Tesla and other tech giants worked for years to produce autonomous vehicles, but none succeeded • Since the development acceleration reports – Apple stock Increased by 2.4%

Apple is accelerating the development of its electric car, and is focusing the project around full self-driving capabilities – people involved in the company’s development plans said yesterday (Thursday). In order to be successful in developing a car of this type, Apple will be required to solve a technical challenge that has hitherto hit many in the electric vehicle industry.

In recent years, Apple’s car development team has explored two tracks simultaneously: creating a model with limited self-driving capabilities, focusing on steering and acceleration – similar to many contemporary cars, or developing a version with fully autonomous driving capabilities that require no human intervention at all. The company’s vice president, Kevin Lynch, is pushing towards the full self-driving system – already in the first version of the car.

Since reports began accelerating the development of the electric car, Apple shares have risen 2.4%. This is the latest change of many kinds in the car development effort – known as the “Titan Project”. The ambitious venture has suffered many upheavals and a frequent turnover of executives since 2014. Last September, the project’s last director, Doug Field, left after three years. In choosing Lynch as his replacement, Apple went for an internal manager at the company, who is not a veteran in the automotive field.

In an attempt to take over the self-driving car market, Apple is pursuing what appears to be the “Holy Grail” in the automotive industry. The tech giants and carmakers have worked for years to produce autonomous vehicles, but none of them have really succeeded. Tesla, which leads the electric vehicle market, is still probably years away from offering fully autonomous cars. Other companies, such as Alphabet or Uber, have also halted efforts in the field.

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