Google Maps presents mobility trends

The end of 2021 is just around the corner. The next few weeks, in addition to a high level of intensity, are also a real chaos. To prepare for the summer season, Google Maps share some search trends, popular times in certain spaces of Argentina and recommendations that will allow people to save time and move safely and efficiently during the last part of the year.

The most important will help to know what day and at what time there may be a greater or lesser concentration of people to visit some places in Argentina and, in this way, plan and know what is the best time of day to go.

The function of “The most frequented moments” or “Popular Times” It will allow you to check the hours with the most influx of people in the different destinations that you plan to visit, it can help to save long lines or waiting minutes.

Thus, the map will show the best time to go to the bakery, to do shopping in a certain supermarket, to go to the hairdresser and to do Christmas shopping avoiding crowds and traffic chaos. To this is also added other novelties.

Among the main recommendations that will be added to your digital cartography is to find nearby stops without deviating. If someone is looking for a gas station to load gasoline, they will They will be able to locate the closest places without straying so far from the route.


The digital cartography app advises which are the optimal times to make purchases. Google.

Share location. Nobody likes to wait too long to start Christmas dinner. This functionality is key to showing friends and family real-time location with just a few clicks on Maps.

The “Explore” tab is another useful tool for when one is coming home after a long season or traveling to a new city. This functionality help find the best restaurants, places of interest and locate events within a certain area.

So as not to get lost: even if you are touring a city on foot, Live View can help you locate where you are standing and discover the best route to walk.

Live View can help you locate where you are standing Live View can help you locate where you are standing

Get organized: when you travel by plane, you can easily access information about the flight, car reservation, restaurant and hotel directly from the Maps settings, without having to search for tickets in email. This happens as long as the user has it configured in this way.


Whether it is to visit the family in the city, have more free time or seek inspiration to do things during the holidays, Google Maps becomes a great ally when it comes to finding spaces linked to art and culture. , the street finder offers the 10 most popular attractions in Argentina:

  • Colon Theater
  • Luján
  • Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA)
  • National museum of fine arts
  • Galileo Galilei Planetarium
  • Museo River Plate
  • Luna Park
  • Kid’s museum
  • National Historical Museum of the Cabildo and the May Revolution
  • National Museum of Decorative Art
The recommended places to visit. The recommended places to visit.

Many of the people who visit these types of places also choose to share their experience within the platform to help others who have not yet visited them and offer their recommendation. These are the cultural spaces in Argentina with the best reviews on Google Maps:

  • Teatro Colón Bicentennial Theater
  • Liberator Theater “General San Martín” (former Theater “Rivera Indarte”)
  • Güemes Museum
  • Fangio Museum Automobile Museum
  • Rio Hondo Hot Springs
  • Quilmes Ruins
  • National museum of fine arts
  • Museo River Plate
  • Cervantes Theater

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