The State Attorney’s Department’s cyber department continues its efforts to prevent exposure to the databases hacked by the BlackShadows group, and as part of the department’s activities was removed yesterday (Wednesday) from the group’s website, where databases associated with the Atref website and other databases hosted on Atar’s servers could be downloaded. CyberServe Company.

The removal of the website was made possible after legal inquiries from the Cyber ​​Department of the State Attorney’s Office to the companies where the website was hosted, as well as inquiries to the persons in charge of registering the domain of the group’s website. This is another significant reduction in the possibility of exposure to the personal content that has been hacked and published by the BlackShadows group, along with many other moves taken by the State Attorney’s Office over the past 10 days, including: Access to the group of crackers, links to the Google search engine in order to block the group’s website in the search results and more.

However, the director of the cyber department at the State Attorney’s Office, Dr. Haim Wismonski, noted that the moves to block and reduce exposure to the content will continue, as it can be estimated that repeated attempts will be made to upload the content again. Criminal offense.

Meanwhile, the hacker group Moses Staff posted a threat on its telegram account. “We will follow you, where you do not think. This is just the beginning. We have special news for you within 48 hours. Wait for our surprises,” they wrote.

So far, the company has broken into a number of Israeli companies and leaked details of many Israelis alongside business information. In addition, last month she published photos of Defense Minister Bnei Gantz and personal details of soldiers.

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