Amazon employees were able to access shoppers’ personal data until 2018, according to internal reports

Amazon workers were able to access with virtually no control or limitations personal data of customers of the ‘eCommerce’, including their search histories and their purchases, as they indicate internal employee complaints that occurred between 2015 and 2018.

This is stated in internal company documents prepared by its data protection division, relative to the period between 2015 and 2018, which Wired and Reveal have now accessed, as published by the first.

In these reports, in which the situation was denounced to superiors, the team claimed that the data of Amazon users shared with little control or protection among company employees to improve the operation of customer service and other functions of the platform.

The head of Amazon Security in that period, Gary Gagnon, who left the company in 2017, came to call access to customer information by company workers as a “free for all”.

Among compromised customer data, Wired noted that some low-ranking Amazon employees came to access personal information of celebrities to find out the products they bought.

In fact, internal reports also indicate that some Amazon workers came to accept platform vendor bribes to benefit or to harm competing companies in their results.

In addition, a program with which salespeople could access sales metrics became a backdoor that exposed Amazon customer data to third parties, including a form of analysis of China.

Amazon has assured Wired that it has “an exceptional track record in protecting consumer data” and that the existence of these internal documents is a sign of this.

“The fact that Amazon’s privacy and security issues are extensively documented with a comprehensive review by senior management highlights our commitment to these issues and demonstrates the vigilance with which we identify, escalate and respond to potential risks, “said company spokeswoman Jen Bemisderfer.

The spokeswoman also noted that Amazon has invested “billions of dollars over the years to create systems and processes to maintain data security” and is currently looking for ways to improve in this regard.

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