Hundreds of Tesla drivers were locked out of their vehicles over the weekend, following a malfunction that damaged the mobile phone app. The company’s founder, Elon Musk, responded to a tweet from a frustrated driver from South Korea, who noted that he repeatedly encountered an error when trying to use his Tesla 3 vehicle’s iOS app.

Musk updated that “the app is expected to return to full activity soon, and it seems that the reason is that we have accidentally increased the volume of traffic on the network.” He later apologized for the malfunction and noted that the company will take action to make sure that such a malfunction does not happen again.

The malfunction was first reported on the Electrek website, which specializes in electric vehicles, which has received reports from Tesla owners in the United States and Canada. Subsequently, similar reports were also received from Europe and Asia. According to the publication on the Downdetector website, which monitors malfunctions in various services, about 500 users reported the malfunction.

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