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Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, sees in the digital transformation and the ecological transition “the levers for economic recovery”, as he explained during his speech in Today is Marketing (HEM), reference meeting for Management, Marketing and Technology professionals organized by ESIC, which celebrates its eighteenth edition.

This year’s meeting has retaken the presence, although combined with virtual participation, in a hybrid format that they have followed more than 12,000 attendees and what has counted on more than 50 speakers, professionals from leading companies in their sectors.

In this context, the Secretary of State has pointed out some positive data that in terms of digitization has brought with it the health emergency, such as the fact that Spain has risen two places in the Index of the Digital Economy and Society of the European Commission, ranking as the ninth country by digitization of the European Union. The reason, the greater need for connection given by the health emergency.

In any case, for Artigas much remains to be done, and he considers that 2021 will be the year of “the true implementation of two essential levers for economic recovery”, the digital transformation and the ecological transition. A process of change “that cannot be approached in a temporary way”, has apostilled.


The meeting was attended by successful professionals from leading companies in their sectors, from technology companies to financial institutions, including medical research, telecommunications, retail or tourism companies, among others.

“We are back for another year, and there are already many editions, but this year, perhaps with more momentum, as we resumed our presence, after a year and a half in which the difficulties that have left us many lessons learned and that have made us questions, which has highlighted the ability of people to recover from adversity and rebuild new models, ecosystems and projects“, said Eduardo Gómez Martín, president of ESIC University and CEO of ESIC Business & Marketing School.

The event also had the intervention of Anthony Gooch, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of the OECD, who has celebrated being able to leave behind “the habit of seeing oneself on the screen” and has reflected on “the human” that has brought the health emergency, which has meant a push for corporate activism.

“We have seen how companies have put solidarity and empathy before their business objectives “, highlighted Gooch, for whom these companies have acted as “catalysts of change” towards a purpose with a positive impact on society.

Other proper names that have come together are Inmaculada Iglesias, Business Transformation Director of AstraZeneca; Ethel García Matachana, Director of Worldwide Business Programs Strategy at Microsoft; David Villaseca, Global Head of CX, Marketing & Sales Oracle Financial Services Group; Pablo Fernández Burgueño, Attorney of Councel of PwC; Eva Montoro, Head of Advanced Analytics & Data Science at Banco Santander; Ignacio Charfolé, Head of Big Data Architecture at Telefónica; or David Rowan, editor-in-chief of Wired, for whom “the opportunities really are in those who exploit the creativity of what happens on a day-to-day basis.”

During the day, all attendees were able to configure their agenda based on their interests, among more than 50 conferences focused on Marketing, Management, Sustainability, Innovation, Data and Technology. Also, in this edition, all attendees will have access to a multi-content platform adapted to their profile and interests for one year.

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