Bloomberg News reported over the weekend that Apple is accelerating work on developing its electric car, and is now focusing on developing full self-driving capability, according to sources involved in the details. According to them, Apple’s goal is to solve a technical challenge that has hit the automotive industry.

As mentioned, over the past few years, Apple’s vehicle team has simultaneously explored two different options – creating a vehicle that includes limited self-driving capability, focusing on steering and acceleration – similar to many vehicles today, or a version with full self-driving capability, without the need for human involvement. Now, according to sources quoted in the report, who wished to remain anonymous, development efforts are now focused on the second option, under the new project manager – Kevin Lynch.

Apple plans to launch the car with autonomous driving capability in about four years, after engineers said earlier this year that they estimate it will be possible in five to seven years. However, the date is quite flexible, as the launch of the car in 2025 depends on whether Apple will be able to create a complete self-driving system – something quite ambitious. If Apple fails to do so in time – it may decide to delay the release of the vehicles, or sell models with slightly less capabilities first.

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