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Apple has presented this Monday the new version of its desktop operating system, macOS, whose new version will be called Monterrey and will have a redesigned version of the Safari browser and new continuity functions for multitasking, and has also announced at its event WWDC21 developers the new system for their watches, watchOS 8.

macOS Monterrey will incorporate most of the new iOS functions, such as the concentration mode of Focus or the collaborative vision of FaceTime, but it also adds its own novelties.

One of them is continuity, with functions such as Universal Control, which allows actions such as opening a program by dragging it aside, connecting for example an iPad and a MacBook computer automatically.

Universal Control works with more than two devices, allowing to carry out a multitasking mode with several screens, and control them all with the same mouse.

The AirPlay application, meanwhile, has been incorporated into the Mac, so that the user can carry out actions such as preparing presentations by broadcasting the content.

The new version of macOS Monterrey improves its Shortcuts shortcuts, which automate daily work to improve productivity, with repetitive actions in various applications.

Automator, the previous app for shortcuts, will continue to be supported in a transition that “will last several years,” as acknowledged by Apple’s vice president of software, Craig Federighi.

Other macOS news comes to the Safari browser, with a completely new look. To control distractions such as having multiple tabs, the address bar has been simplified in design, and groups of tabs are also added, which are saved on all devices.

Safari also adds a new tab bar, which happens to be at the bottom of the page, as well as the arrival of web extensions to iPad and iPhone, which can share code with Safari extensions.

All the new operating systems will be available to developers this month, arriving in beta in July and to users in the fall.


The watchOS operating system for Apple Watch watches received the new watchOS 8 version as part of WWDC21.

Apple has incorporated new functions to improve relaxation, such as animations and a new application for ‘mindfulness’, as well as the ability to detect the user’s respiratory rate while sleeping, along with the Health app.

The new watchOS 8 system also adds new training routines – Tai Chi and Pilates – within the Fitness + subscription service for physical exercise, as well as the ability to search based on the artist.

The Photos app for Apple Watch provides new skins to turn images into wallpapers, or keyboard features to access emojis in Messages. watchOS 8 will be available this June.


HomeKit, Apple’s ecosystem of connected products, has also been revamped, with features like a new Apple TV recommendation tab based on what the user has recommended in messages.

The HomePod Mini smart speaker can now be used as a speaker for Apple TV content. This device will allow third-party developers to incorporate Siri features into third-party services, which will be available this year.

The Matter standard, for integrating the IoT and developed by various companies in the sector, will be supported in iOS 15. It will also be possible to see several security cameras at the same time, up to four in mosaic view, and these news will arrive in autumn.


Apple has advanced at WWDC21 new functions aimed at application developers, such as new application development interfaces (APIs) such as Focus and Notifications, among other new APIs that arrive this year.

A new API is Object Capture, which converts two-dimensional images into 3D objects, which used to be the most expensive part of the process, according to the company. It allows you to take a photo with the iPhone and generate virtual representations of objects in augmented reality, for example.

Apple’s Swift programming language gets news with Concurrency. It allows you to simplify the amount of asynchronous code required to write, and create steps for developers to create their apps.

For its part, Apple’s official application platform for mobile phones, the App Store, has received the new personalized pages, which may be different depending on the user, as well as the new events within the app, which includes events organized within apps that users use to serve as recommendations.

Apple has integrated the cloud with its development tools in a new way with the introduction of Xcode Cloud, which allows other users to view your code as you type while using the cloud to look for possible errors, among other functions. It is available from this Monday in beta.

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