Eddie Vehicle Systems has completed the development of a servicing system, which monitors the alert state of drivers in order to prevent accidents. The system detects in real time, according to the driver’s facial features, actions that could cause road accidents, and through an audible warning to the driver warns of the danger and at the same time notifies the vehicle fleet manager.

The system includes a unit installed on the vehicle’s dashboard and monitors the driver’s face throughout the ride. During system calibration up to 20 drivers’ facial features can be burned into memory.

When the driver enters the vehicle, the system will identify him and transfer the information to the company’s vehicle fleet management system. The system is able to detect the following situations: fatigue – a situation where the driver intensifies his humility, distraction – a situation where the driver does not look at the road, use of the cell phone, smoking and yawning of the driver.

In the first phase, systems will be installed in heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks. These constitute 3% of all vehicles moving on the country’s roads, but their share of those killed in road accidents is 28%. The price of a system is NIS 1,800, including installation.

The new system (Photo: Yachz)

Eddie Systems CEO Avi Zino said: “In the first phase, SDMS systems will be installed in heavy vehicles only, and later the possibility of installing them in private vehicles will also be examined after its effectiveness in reducing accidents is proven.”

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