Technology and talent as accelerators of business transformation close the McKinsey Digital Summit

The fourth edition of the event Digital Summit de McKinsey & Company has concluded with a panel, in which CaixaBank and Galp participated, which focused on addressing growth in an environment of technological acceleration and commitment to internal talent to cope with the recovery after the pandemic.

This has been confirmed Andy Brown, CEO of Galp, and Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of CaixaBank, in a closing panel discussion moderated by Ignacio Abengoechea, McKinsey’s senior partner in Spain, who focused on the imperative of redefining the business through innovation and adaptation to the needs of consumers and the environment, increasingly fast-paced, demanding and technological.

Andy Brown, Galp’s CEO, highlighted in his speech the commitment to innovation and renewal of the portfolio of products and services being carried out by the global energy company.

“There is a real imperative to transform our company towards a much more agile model. This change requires a completely new approach to the sector that goes from redesign the offer, through the adoption of new technological solutions to redefine how we relate to our customers and we communicate with society “, stated the Galp executive.

Brown stressed the role of innovation as key in this process of adaptation to the new reality, “to achieve this transformation, we need to be open to innovation from outside, create ‘partnerships’ and rely on technology to adapt to the new energy system“, he pointed.

For his part, Gonzalo Gortázar, CaixaBank’s chief executive, focused on disruption in the banking sector is mainly associated with some segments, such as payments. He also highlighted the relevance of massive adoption of the mobile channel by customers, pointing out that the products and services offered by banks have to adapt to this channel in which payments through mobile phones are registering outstanding growth in terms of users and transactions.

“In the financial sector and, particularly, in retail banking digitization has changed the way we engage with customers, but also the way in which customers interact with us “, said Gortázar, who pointed out that While visits to offices have dropped between 40 and 45 percent since the pandemic, today 70 percent of its customers use digital channels to access services, with an annual growth of 4 percent.

In this sense, the CEO of CaixaBank highlighted the role of artificial intelligence and data as tools to improve customer relationships and offer a more personalized service.

Finally, both executives agreed on the relevance of the commitment to internal talent and capacity building, including digital, within companies.

Andy Brown pointed out that, within the framework of Galp’s new strategy, the company has adopted the motto ‘Let’s regenerate the future together’, noting that “it is essential to define a purpose since there is a battle for good talent right now and we need to attract and retain the best talent to have success”.

Gortázar, for his part, also pointed out the importance of talent and people within organizations, as well as the need to bet on an area of ​​innovation connected with other departments of the company, especially with the business area.

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