Bank Hapoalim’s Social Banking Center, in collaboration with SpaceIL and Arcadia, is launching an initiative to reduce gaps in accounting among children and to encourage social awareness. As part of the collaboration, and under the auspices of Bank Hapoalim, cities and local councils across the country will be granted free licenses for full use of the Blob Quest app, which will allow children to improve their arithmetic skills through the app’s unique gameplay.

However, children will also be given the opportunity to contribute to the community, with the points they earn in the game being turned into real money by Bank Hapoalim, which will be donated to the causes the children choose. Among the cities participating in the project: Haifa, Netanya, Tel Aviv, Yeruham, Umm al-Fahm, Lod and Tiberias.

The Blob Quest app offers a unique mobile game, which intuitively imparts skills in multiplication and division, and allows children to improve and become stronger in the arithmetic profession. There is no use of words or explanations in the game, and thus it is suitable for both speakers of all languages ​​and for children who suffer from lip defects or attention and concentration challenges.

Kfir Damari, co-founder of SpaceIL and vice president of the association, said: “We are sending spacecraft to the moon to illustrate to children that everything they dream and are determined to achieve is within their reach. This time we have the opportunity to allow them to experience how they can use the account to do good in the world. “

“I would like to invite the 40 children who will persevere to the greatest extent and reach the greatest contributions – for a personal online meeting with me, where I can share with them the story of the ‘Genesis’ spacecraft, and give my experience some advice, hoping to help girls and boys fulfill their dreams,” he added.
Mariana Mualem, Director of Accessibility and Diversity at the Bank for Social Banking at Bank Hapoalim, said: “We are proud to take part in this project, which gives children the opportunity to learn two new worlds – multiplication and giving. I invite children to learn and cultivate the two new ‘muscles’ “Discovering – education and doing good. These are two muscles that need to be nurtured throughout life.”

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