Econocom helps IZFE to monitor its virtual environments to improve the performance and experience of its users

Econocom Services, Together with the manufacturer ControlUp, it has launched a solution to help the Foral Society of Computer Services of the Public Administration of Gipuzkoa (IZFE) to monitor their virtual environments, improving the performance and experience of its users.

This company provides services in the information and communication technologies (ICT) environment to the two main pillars of the Public Administration in Gipuzkoa, such as the Provincial Council and the town councils of the territory, so quick action is essential.

Since 2018, IZFE has a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) based on Citrix technology. Due to the complexity of the virtualization environment of the workplace, in this type of platform there are multiple factors that can compromise a completely satisfactory user experience.


By implementing the ControlUp solution, the IT staff in charge of managing the virtual desktop platform has proactive monitoring of the same, which allows you to know at all times where to direct your efforts in an efficient way, ultimately translating into considerable time savings and a substantial improvement of the service.

“Until now we had some vision and control of our VDI infrastructure; however, with ControlUp, the rules of the game are totally changed, since allows you to react to events that we have controlled, or detect unwanted events, being much more proactive “, says Ibon Arretxe, IZFE ICT Services technician.

With this tool it is possible to identify in detail the causes that cause the so common slowdowns in user workstations logins and solve them. Likewise, it allows you to observe the behavior and availability of the applications, analyze the performance problems of these, and quickly solve situations using the recommended ‘Automated Actions’.

Regarding the implementation and management of the solution, Jon Ezpeleta, North Regional Director of Grupo Econocom points out that “one of the advantages of ControlUp is that it can be put into production almost immediately and is extremely intuitive and easy to use.“.

For his part, Adam Barkatz, from ControlUp, adds that in the case of IZFE, as a complement to the installation and configuration of the solution, training was given to the IT staff in charge of managing the platform. “Today, IZFE is capable of using the implemented solution with its own resources and in a completely autonomous way,” he concludes.

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