Almost every user of social networks went through the situation in which he thinks to upload a photo to Instagram and it stops because it doesn’t want a certain person to see it. The popular app, owned by Meta, is aware of this and has a number of functions to hide a certain activity from people we want.

Instagram recently added a function called “Best friends” which may well be the option for many who do not want to mix private stories with the rest of the videos that they usually share on the social network.

The feature allows users to create custom lists in which they can include specific people so that they are the only ones who can see certain videos and statuses on Instagram.

From the profile of the social network, in the section with the three horizontal lines, you have to select the option “Best friends”. Then, in Start, the list of contacts will appear: you just have to touch “Add” to add the ones you want before finishing the process with “Create list”.

There’s also other more effective techniques to hide all kinds of activity on Instagram.

Best Friends, the Instagram function to share content with specific users.

How to hide your activity on Instagram

The most radical way to do it is block specific user, something that can be interpreted as something aggressive by some people and the user will know that you have done it. However, this person will not be able to see any information on your profile.

If your problem is a user who does not even follow you, the easiest solution is to put the account in private. If you are experiencing any type of harassment, in addition to reporting it, the best thing you can do is keep this setting for a while.

A “gentle” way to hide your privacy is to use the function “Hide story to”. In this way, the person you select will not be able to see your stories. To do this you have to go to Privacy in Settings.

Recently the platform offers information to its users about whether the person is online. You can disable this feature using “Hide activity status”.

How to know if I was blocked or hidden Stories

The way to know if someone restricted your activity on Instagram is very simple, you just have to visit the profile of the person you suspect and if you cannot see it, they will have effectively blocked you.

There are many people who are curious to know if someone blocked them and are not suspicious of anyone in particular. Instagram has not yet developed an official way of knowing it in such a generic way without having to download external applications that -on the other hand- can infect our phone with malware O adware.

How to block your Instagram Stories.

How to block your Instagram Stories.

There is also no official way to know if someone is hiding the stories from you. The only reliable way to do this is to have a secondary account with which to check all these kinds of things.

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