The largest virtual mobile phone museum opens, with more than 2,000 models from 200 brands

This Tuesday has been presented Mobile Phone Museum, the largest virtual museum of mobile phones to date, which includes a catalog that more than 2,000 models of more than 200 different brands.

Officially inaugurated at an exhibition in London’s Soho neighborhood and sponsored by Vodafone, this virtual museum includes high-resolution images of discontinued devices, as well as technical specifications and additional information on their designs, developments and launches.

This museum was born with the purpose of “celebrate the history of mobile phones“and aims”educate the next generation of industry professionals of telecommunications that will shape the mobile phones of the future “, as its creator has explained.

As you can see on its website, it has collections such as ‘Bestsellers’, among which are the iconic Nokia 3310 and the Motorola Razr V3; ‘Japan’, which are those that have been most popular in the Asian country, such as the KDDI A1403K or the Vodafone 602T.

Among the most curious catalogs are ‘The ugliest’, where are the Nokia 7600 or the Samsung S5150 Diva; as well as ‘James Bond phones’ (Sony Ericsson M600 or Sony Ericsson W707) and ‘The first’ mobile devices.

This section includes some of the museum’s most curious terminals, such as the Virgin Mobile Langosta 700TV, announced in 2006 by actress Pamela Anderson, which allowed listening to the radio and watching television; as well as the Motorola International 3200 and Dynatac 8000X, the famous ‘bricks’ with built-in antenna.

The Mobile Phone Museum is possible thanks to contributions from anonymous users who wanted to collaborate on this project, conceived by Ben Wood in 2004. In 2019 he joined a mobile phone collector, Matt Chatterley, and they worked together to create this non-profit organization.

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