The dramatic announcement that Apple released last week, according to which it will allow its customers to purchase original spare parts for the devices – in order to repair the device themselves, contrary to its policy so far, has caused a great stir among the company’s fans. Apple’s announcement must have made many consumers around the world, who are not among Apple’s customers, wonder when this will happen to other companies.

Now, the step may be starting to get closer, and the first to perform it will most likely be Shiomi. A tweet posted on Shiomi’s official Twitter account in India hinted that the company may be working on such a service. “We care, you have always been at the center, and your experience is important to you. We have always tried to put you at the center. And now, we are improving it – just for you. Keep following,” read the company’s account, along with a photo attached to the tweet.

It is important to emphasize that the tweet does not explicitly announce the launch of such a self-repair service. However, the emphasis of the word “You” in the tweets, along with the caption “Simple services” on the image attached to the tweet in question hints at such a possible plan. In addition, Apple has often been an inspiration to Shiomi, so launching a similar repair service is a pretty sensible move for the Chinese giant. In any case, the tweet in question was written on Shiomi’s account in India – so it is very possible that if such a service does come out – it will be available there first.

If this is indeed the case, Shiomi will be the first Android device maker to do so. Now, one can only hope that more companies will follow in Appleโ€™s footsteps, as the ability to allow customers to make simple device repairs themselves is very important and quite necessary today.

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