WhatsApp changes its position and will allow you to send and receive images in the original quality

It is one of the most popular assertions made by users, particularly by those who utilize this application for editing tasks.

When taking a photo with your phone at a friend gathering and sending it over WhatsApp, you end up confirming that the resolution of the file you receive is far lower than the original. This is true regardless of which of the three quality options the application offers. You now have the ability to edit this.

According to what has been confirmed in the most recent test version of the messaging app, the company is attempting to make it possible to exchange photos without any losses, something that is eerily still true.

WhatsApp automatically applies a compression procedure before sending any image, which, while it didn’t render the shot unusable, was far from the image’s quality. original toma

In a recent update, Meta added the option to select from three different quality settings for the photographs that were sent: automatic, best quality, and data saving.

The main restriction is that while the greatest quality choice still allows for significant compression of the images, sending photos in their original quality was not possible. However, it has just been discovered that WhatsApp for Android is working on delivering photographs at their original quality as of version

Your steadfast messaging competition, Telegram, allows users to send each other huge files or high-resolution pictures. In this area, WhatsApp was falling behind, but the upcoming update will help it catch up.

This option will be especially helpful to individuals who use WhatsApp as a tool for work and talk with others to exchange images and photographs, but who find that the content eventually degrades due to the state of the market, which is then reflected in editing problems or social network posts.

So, you can choose the quality settings by using a new settings icon that is present in the drawing tool. So that the user truly has control over their photos and does not request that the photo be mailed to them, images can be transmitted in their original quality.

The addition of this feature will result in the phone using more data than ever before. The size of these uncompressed images is typically fairly large compared to what is currently supplied by the platform, so it is advised to always pick Wi-Fi while downloading photos.

Since this tool is still in testing, it is currently unknown when it will be available to all users. Despite the lack of a confirmed release date, some fortunate people will get the chance to experience it.

a shift in states

Many WhatsApp users place a high value on their statuses when conversing. Meta promises to make them more appealing with the option of merging them with voice messages in order to increase the number of customers that use this function.

The first hints of this novelty that suggested the potential of recording voice messages in the United States will soon be official, according to WABetaInfo, a crucial resource when predicting the next launches of the messaging service. For certain people who have the most recent beta, at least.

The Android operating system’s version, which is presently in testing (beta), already has the ability to record voice notes among the tools for building states. This is a further step to ensure that it reaches all users as quickly as possible.

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