Xiaomi launches a folding electric skateboard with a cell phone processor

With a 250W motor, it can travel at a speed of 25 km per hour. How does it work, how long does the charge last, and what does it cost in the nation?

The electric skateboard is the best way to travel small distances at a rapid speed in a city plagued by traffic and blackouts. This week, Xiaomi announced the release of the foldable Electric Scooter 3 Lite, a kit with a phone-like technical setup.

In order to produce a comfortable and low-maintenance mode of transportation, this fuel-efficient electric car stresses sustainable mobility.

With a 250W motor, it can travel at a top speed of 25 km/h. The Pedestrian, Standard, and Sport gears can be adjusted to fit a variety of driving needs, including those for speedier travel or a longer battery life.

The incredibly tough lithium battery (5,200 mAh/187Wh) has reportedly passed 36 performance tests and, when completely charged, gives a range of 20 km, according to its manufacturer.

More than enough autonomy for local travel. The battery management system (BMS) responds by automatically offering complete protection. Some have a 4 hour charge requirement.

It is constructed from an aluminum alloy of aerospace quality, with a 155mm broad deck for greater driving stability, and pneumatic tires that absorb shock as it travels.

The wheels themselves have a lid to give them a retro but chic appearance. Additionally, the table that the feet rest on is broad and roomy to preserve stability. to 349.999 pesos, sold.

Other features worth highlighting are handlebars made of silicone for the best grip, a buckle on the front that simplifies the scooter’s folding process, and simple access to the charging outlet.

It provides real-time speed data, standardized gear level iconography, and a battery status indicator through a small CPU housed in the center of the steering wheel. Through the Xiaomi Home application, Bluetooth connectivity enables synchronization with mobile devices.

Electric car benefits



The Electric Scooter 3 Lite’s skateboard panel.

An electric car has zero emissions, which means that when it is moving, it doesn’t emit any gases or particulates, which is one of the primary points.

When a vehicle is moving, no direct CO2 emissions are produced since electric mobility uses electricity as its energy source rather than burning any fossil fuels (such as gasoline, diesel, or gas). This helps to fight climate change.

The so-called energy efficiency in transportation is achieved by moving a specific amount of people or goods over a certain distance while consuming less energy.

Because internal combustion engines are only around 50% efficient, an electric car utilizes about a fifth of the energy of a comparable combustion vehicle.

An electric motor, however, is greater than 95%. Regenerative braking systems, another benefit of electric vehicles, allow for energy recovery.

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