Facebook announced during the night (Tuesday through Wednesday) a number of innovations in the worlds of online shopping that will upgrade the experience on these platforms. Today, more than 300 million people visit the various stores set up on Facebook and Instagram every month, with a total of more than 1.2 million stores already operating on Facebook and Instagram.

Among the innovations is the expansion of the Shops feature for WhatsApp and the Marketplace. From now on, businesses in some countries will be able to display their store on WhatsApp as well, and businesses from the US will be able to sell their products as part of the Marketplace. Of products and advertising reviews on them.

A personalized shopping experience through advertisements was also announced. Instagram introduces new advertising solutions for Shops, which will enrich the shopping experience on the platform with the help of buyers’ personal preferences. The social network stated that it would examine the possibility that businesses could show buyers advertisements with the products that might interest them in the store, according to the behavior of their consumers, thus directing them to places where they are more likely to make a purchase.

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Next, Facebook plans to explore additional ways in which brands can customize their ads, by using unique offers and promotions for specific buyers. The new solutions join existing tools that are already helping businesses find the right audience for them on the platform.

In addition, Facebook is currently investing in the development of advanced technologies that will reshape the shopping experience and form the basis for how we will all buy online over the next few years. In this context, the company begins to explore a visual search option, which is based on artificial intelligence and will allow people to find similar items by clicking on an image.

This is expected, among other things, to allow buyers who are interested in a floral dress, click on the image in which it is displayed and get through it to other floral dresses from different places. Next, Facebook plans to expand its visual search capabilities by technology that will allow a product to be photographed and similar products reached.

At the same time, the social network is working on new virtual measurement experiences as part of Shops, which will be based on augmented reality technology. The company will partner with Modiface and Perfect Corp to help consumers understand what the product is going to look like before purchasing it online. In addition, Facebook will introduce another variety of brand new AR tools, such as catalogs that will automatically display relevant products based on interests.

Online shopping (Photo: ingimage / ASAP)Online shopping (Photo: ingimage / ASAP)

These innovations will be launched gradually, with the understanding that online shopping is here to stay, as surveys show that one in three consumers plans to spend less time in stores even after the plague. These figures also show that almost three-quarters of consumers say they get inspiration and ideas for potential shopping through Facebook platforms.

The Israeli team at Facebook’s research and development center in Tel Aviv has played a key and important role in the development of shopping products – the center develops artificial intelligence-based commerce products that enable an advanced user experience, while developing the algorithm that recommends customers additional products they may like.

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