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A fresh video confirms the official announcement date of the replacement for the Snapdragon 888, in a few days – with a new branding method that makes us wonder about all the other models it currently offers

After the exciting launch of the Dimensity 9000 from Mediatek, with a branding update designed to highlight its great technology improvement over any previous Dimensity chip, it was pretty clear that announcing the direct competitor from Qualcomm is only a matter of time – and now we have a date Official for this show, but not under the name Snapdragon 898 which we have heard about in the past as a logical step forward from the Snapdragon 888, but under a new name with a numbering and branding method that should be simpler and easier to understand.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen.1 is the chosen name for the new flagship chip from the American chip developer, which will be presented at the event on November 30 and will accompany us during 2022 – when it is already hard not to wonder what will happen to models like the Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 860 Launched about a year ago and belonging to the same family as the Snapdragon 888, but with slightly reduced performance.

Could it be that Qualcomm plans to name all the Snapdragon 800, Snapdragon 700 and Snapdragon 600 series in the same name every year, and let consumers try and guess for themselves the possible performance differences between them? This sounds very puzzling, but at the moment we have no other logical explanation for the impending transition.

Beyond the name issue, the Snapdragon 8 Gen.1 will be based on a state-of-the-art 4-nm manufacturing process from the well-known partner Samsung, using Kryo 780 cores in an octagonal array, in which one large and senior core is based on the Cortex-X2 architecture with frequency Of 3GHz, three more cores will be based on the Cortex-A710 architecture with an operating frequency of up to 2.5GHz and another four cost-effective cores will be based on the Cortex-A510 architecture at a frequency of 1.8GHz, along with a built-in Adreno 730 graphics core, improved Spectra image processing engine 680 and a built-in Snapdragon X65 modem.

The picture about the graphical performance has not yet been clarified, but in terms of overall processing capabilities it seems that we are expecting close competition between the Dimensity 9000 and Snapdragon 8 Gen.1, which will both contain a very similar array with working frequencies close to each other but based on competing manufacturing processes. Equally advanced. It will be interesting to find out what other surprises Qualcomm hides up its sleeve, in order to properly meet the great improvements that are emerging from Mediatek in image processing, decoding and video coding and accelerating computational learning.

While in the case of Mediatek it is not really clear who will be the manufacturers to adopt the new senior chip, in the case of Qualcomm the network has been full for several months with preliminary reports about the manufacturers and devices eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Snapdragon 888 / Snapdragon 888 Plus replacement. And Samsung’s Galaxy Fold / Flip for 2022, models from Oneplus, Motorola, Shiomi, Realme, Asus and more. Watch for more updates coming soon!

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