ChromeOS works on a new easier integration of Microsoft 365 and OneDrive

Google is working on a new Microsoft 365 integration for Chromebooks,which will facilitate the installation in the operating system ChromeOS of the application and the opening of files by integrating it directly into Chromebook Files

Users can install Microsoft 365 and OneDrive through a Progressive Web App (PWA) to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. In other words, an application that does not depend on any operating system, but rather works through a web page in the browser, just like Twitter works, for example.

However, the company has announced an integration of both services in Chrome OS. As Google has expressed from the ChromeOS Beta Tester support page, it is “important” that all Chromebook users “have the tools available to access the files they need to get things done.”

In this sense, at the end of this year, Users with this suite of tools will be able to install the Microsoft 365 web app and connect Microsoft OneDrive with the Chromebook Files app.

With this improvement, files will be automatically moved to Microsoft OneDrive when opened in the Microsoft 365 app, Google has explained.

Thus, these users will have a “guided setup experience” which will take them through the installation process from the Microsoft 365 web app and OneDrive to their Chromebook Files app.

The company will offer more details about this new integration of Microsoft 365 in the “coming months”. However, it will be available in advance for those who participate in the development and beta channels.

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