Space Crisis: Is Elon Musk’s Company Facing Bankruptcy?

During Thanksgiving, SpaceX employees received a rather strange email from CEO Elon Musk, who reported a crisis that could lead to the company collapsing – if it did not keep pace with the required development pace of Starship – the company’s new spaceship. Tent because the problem in question is in the production of the company’s Raptor engine, the engine behind the next generation of the spacecraft, which is expected to be much larger than the Falcon 9 launcher.

Musk, known for his work ethic and refusal to take vacations, actually planned to take time off during Thanksgiving weekend, so the situation caused him to cancel his plans. “Unfortunately, the development crisis of is more serious than it seemed a few weeks ago. We examined the problems that arose in light of the departure of some former company executives, and they seem to be more serious than reported to me,” he wrote. In the Raptor production line all night and throughout the weekend. ” The owner of the company, who previously admitted that he often slept on the floor of the factory, referred in his remarks to the senior vice president of SpaceX who left the company in light of the slow development, along with two other senior executives who left it.

The email goes on to say: “If you do not have a family crisis, or you can not physically return to company headquarters – we need the hands of all of you to recover from what appears to be a disaster.” At the end, he added that “we face a real risk of bankruptcy if we do not succeed in launching Starship at least once every two weeks next year. Thank you, Ayalon.” Musk commented on the situation and wrote on his Twitter account that “bankruptcy is unlikely, but not impossible,” adding a quote from Andrew Grove: “Only paranoids survive.”

Regardless of the possible crisis in SpaceX, whose launchers are currently carrying astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA announced earlier this month a postponement of the execution of the Artemis project. The one that won the NASA tender to launch the launch.

He announced during a conversation with reporters that the date in question will be postponed by a year, and the planned flight will go into operation (hopefully) in 2025, a year after the date set by former President Donald Trump. “We estimate that Artemis 3, the first lander since the 1970s to reach the moon carrying humans, will not reach the moon before 2025,” he explained, noting that the lawsuit in billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin lawsuit against the U.S. administration’s decision to sign a contract At $ 2.9 billion with billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, it’s one of the reasons for the delay. During the seven months of the hearing, the agency was unable to work with Spice X on the project.

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