“The great magic of the accountant group was the enormous potential of a stable technology company that has been active for four decades and leads the ERP market, with tens of thousands of organizations using the system on a daily basis,” says Prof. Assaf Avrahami, CEO of accountant, which runs an accelerator with start-up companies. APs engaged in the development of smart platforms for organizational management.

As mentioned, Computing started as an accounting system that was established 40 years ago, but has since undergone a technological change and has become a sophisticated ERP system that is in the cloud. This is under the supervision of Prof. Avrahami, a Technion graduate, researcher and lecturer in the Faculty of Industry and Management at the Technion.

“We have introduced a BI system to improve the management and operation of the business,” he explains. “This is actually a system of advanced models in performance research to recommend optimal inventory and a mobile app for making decisions for executives in motion. Through the system, any user can access his database from anywhere and device. Collaborate with the Securities Authority to develop a system that scans past trading movements. “All normal movements and detects movement that does not meet the normal standards and sends an alert.”

“We have launched an H-PROTECET system with BDI that alerts contractors to at-risk businesses and allows users to receive a real-time alert for a customer who has business risk,” he adds. “Using the system will prevent contact with customers who are defined as ‘dangerous’, due to the fear that they will not pay for the services they received.

“We held a program with the Technion’s Knowledge Center for Innovation, established by Prof. Miriam Erez, bride of the Israel Prize, to increase innovation processes among small and medium-sized businesses. We led meetings to instill knowledge and tools in participating businesses that effectively enhance innovation and adaptation processes. “Web on top of Amazon Web Service’s AWS, in order to base their technology infrastructures on cloud systems that will enable information security, backup service with automated storage management, and avoid unnecessary expenses of purchasing and maintaining servers.”

Prof. Avrahami emphasizes the importance of the Accelerator: “It was launched in collaboration with the Technion, as well as with the Fischer Bachar Chen Law Office, the Reinhold Cohen Group Patent Office, the accounting firm Deloitte Research, IVC and AWS. Computer executives will accompany the companies Personal, and will assist them, among other things, in connecting with potential customers.

“In calculating, you get equity in companies that participate in the program. The goal is to develop technologies that will make the old and gray enterprise systems more accessible to the user, easy to operate and efficient, and also add capabilities to work areas not previously managed by computerized means.”

“Corona has made inquiries from businesses that have sought to upgrade the level of knowledge and technology they use, and they are more likely to attend conferences that deal with upgrading technological knowledge and familiarity with the systems, the level of use and operation,” he added.

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