“Innovative technologies have become an integral part of every aspect of our lives, especially in the past year, and the medical world has not lagged behind,” says Alexei Shlimov, CEO of Eastern Peak, which provides customized technology solutions and digital transformation consulting services. Between a therapist and a patient where the two parties involved in the treatment are not necessarily physically in the same place, it is not a new phenomenon, but it has received a serious boost during the corona period. “Around the doctor, to the age of digital health, which refers to the system built around the patient’s needs,” Shlimov adds. For example, over the past year, the most advanced and innovative technological solutions have been developed, which take medicine one step further and bring the patient’s needs Priorities in order to maintain and facilitate his health.

CWT, which offers a variety of solutions for the treatment of chronic wounds, has developed a device called OxyGeni, this device is a portable oxygen generator that injects oxygen into a special dressing attached to the wound. This is a treatment performed at the patient’s home in combination with full accompaniment of a nurse, thus reducing the frequency of clinic visits and the patient can maintain independence in treatment, mobility and routine of life. “The basic premise that the patient-therapist relationship requires a face-to-face meeting at the clinic has been undermined in the past year. This year we have seen an increase in requests for online consultations regarding the use of our products and technologies,” explained Hanan Hovav, CWT’s VP of Marketing.

Exero Medical is developing in the MEDX medical device incubator a wireless sensor for use after colon surgery, designed to continuously monitor the gastrointestinal tract, near the area where surgery was performed. The technology enables early detection and life-saving of leakage malfunctions that occur after surgery in the colon area. Exero Medical CEO Erez Schur explained: “The corona crisis has provoked an acute need to develop technologies that will shorten hospital stays and reduce the burden on departments and medical staff. The Exo Medical implant continuously monitors the patient’s recovery and allows immediate and rapid treatment with the detection of a leak in the intestine in its early stages, unlike today, where the leak is discovered only at a later stage and causes serious complications and the development of infections. “

PatenSee is developing a non-contact scanning system in the MEDX medical device incubator for early detection of vascular occlusion for chronic patients undergoing hemodialysis. Through the use of innovative imaging technology and machine learning, Patency’s system alerts vascular narrowing at an early stage, before symptoms appear.

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“The technology was developed in parallel with the Corona epidemic and is in its first clinical trial at Beilinson Hospital,” said PatenSee CEO Gal Goshen.

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