The Apple Music app today (Wednesday) unveiled the most popular songs during 2021 in its top 100 song parade. For the first time, the “Top 100” list also includes the fitness parade – the parade of the most played songs in Apple Music in fitness training.

In addition, the list of the 100 most “played” songs (the ones the Shazam app was required to identify) was released, and the 100 songs whose lyrics were the ones that appeared the most in the search.

In addition, a list of the most played songs in Israel was published, including songs by Israeli performers. Compared to last year, there has been an increase in listening to local artists. Singer Omer Adam Enjoyed a particularly successful year, when 12 of his songs were included in the list of 100 songs, and this is the highest figure for a single artist. Singer Eden Hasson stars with no less than ten songs, including the hit “Red Sunsets” which was crowned the song played in Israel. Some artists who advanced to the center of the stage this year were: Osher Cohen, with six songs, Gal Adam and Noa Erez who also enjoyed a particularly successful creative year.

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The ten most played songs in Israel for 2021 were:

  1. Red Sunsets – Eden Hasson
  2. Soundtrack of my life – Omar Adam
  3. Crazy House – Ran Danker
  4. Shards – Raviv Fiddler
  5. I grew a little old – Eden Hasson
  6. In the streets of Tel Aviv – Eden Ben Zaken
  7. Wants peace – Raviv Fiddler
  8. Zero effort – Static and Ben El Am Neta
  9. Happy life – Eden Ben Zaken and Natan Goshen
  10. Faces – Omar Adam

The ten songs that users went in to peek at in their lyrics in Israel were:

1. Good 4U – Olivia Rodrigo

2. Drivers License – Olivia Rodrigo

3. Zero effort – Static & Ben El Neta

4. Crazy House – Ran Danker

5. Red Sunsets – Eden Hasson

6. Shards – Raviv Fiddler

7. Trilli Trella – Noa Kirl & Ilan Peled

8. Wants peace – Raviv Fiddler

9. Moabat – Eden Ben Zaken & Itai Gallo

10. MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)  Lil Nas X

In addition, “Spotify” also unveiled a list of the most popular songs among its users: At the global level, over 9.1 billion plays were recorded this year, with Bad Bunny He is the most listened to artist. Came in second place Taylor Swift. The Korean boys’ band BTS is in third place, Drake In fourth place and Justin Bieber in fifth place.

Songs of the Year: The most played song of 2021 was ״drivers license״ of Olivia Rodrigo With more than 1.1 billion plays. In second place is MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) of Lil Nas X. Followed by STAY (with Justin Bieber) of The Kid LAROI, And in fourth and fifth place “Good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo and “Levitating (feat. DaBaby)” by Doa Lipa, Respectively.

The most played albums of the year: SOUR of Olivia Rodrigo, Followed by Future Nostalgia of Doa Lipa. In third place is an album Justice of Justin Bieber.

In Israel, the most played singer in 2021, via “Spotify”, is Omar Adam, who also held this title last year. In second place is Eden Hasson, followed by Eyal Golan, Ravid Plotnik and Justin Bieber. The most played singer this year is Eden Ben Zaken, followed by Noa Kirl in second place, Billy Aylish in third place, Ariana Grande in fourth place and Taylor Swift in fifth place.

The most played song among widget users in Israel is the hit ״בית משוגעים״ of Ran Danker. After him, in second place are “Red Sunsets” by Eden Hasson. Another song by Eden Hasson came in third place in Israel – “Grow a little old for me”, and in fourth and fifth places “Shards” and “Want Peace” (respectively), both by Raviv Fiddler.

The most balanced album in Israel was ״SOUR״ of Olivia Rodrigo, Similar to the international ranking. The second place in Israel and in the world is the same, and it is none other than Doa Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia”.

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