Marketing research firm TrendForce has reported that the third generation of the iPhone SE, Apple’s discounted device, will be announced at an event to be held in March 2022. The company’s publicity connects with speculation previously raised by analyst Ming Qi Kuo. As mentioned, the redesigned iPhone SE was unveiled in the spring of 2020, and the model of the small device did not appear at any of the following company events – during which many products were launched, including the iPhone 13 series, Airpods 3 and a variety of other products.

In recent months, it has often been hinted that the new generation of the device is approaching, with the iPhone SE with 256 GB of memory removed from Apple’s online store after the announcement event in September. The MacRummors website, which reported on the move, added that this means the production stoppage of the iPhone SE with the largest memory volume. This may be a hint that Apple is gradually reducing the production of older iPhone models, in anticipation of the release of new devices.

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In any case, if you are interested in purchasing the device in question, you will have to wait patiently, as according to the estimate published by Kuo, along with other reports, the device will only appear in the first half of 2022, probably in the first quarter of the year. However, analyst Ross Young claims that during the period in question, Apple will actually launch a device called the iPhone SE Plus, with the third generation of the discounted iPhone appearing only in 2024.

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From the reports published so far, it appears that one that the new model is expected to receive, and do not appear in the previous generation, is the Face ID. This is a particularly significant feature, since starting with the iOS 14.5 operating system version, the device can be unlocked even when wearing a mask. It has also been reported that the size of the device is expected to remain 4.7 inches, which is quite rare given the fact that companies are not stopping to enlarge their device screens.

The various publications also indicate that the third generation of the iPhone SE will be similar to the previous models in the series, where it may also include a physical home button, or one Touch ID sensor, to provide users with a physical experience. However, another publication claims that the device is expected to be externally similar to the iPhone XR and not the iPhone 8.

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