Elon Musk sells a very strange object in a Tesla store – and the price is delusional

An ingenious move or an illusory joke? The American entrepreneur Elon Musk He may be one of the most intriguing and bizarre people in the world, but the success of his car brands and his successful financial investments manage to paint him as a kind of undeciphered genius. Apart from the car giant Tesla and SpaceX, which has already reached space on a number of occasions, Musk has an inexplicable fondness for marketing and selling products that are far from useful at exorbitant prices. Somehow – it works for him.

In recent days, a new product for purchase has been launched on Tesla’s official website – the cyberwhistle, and in Hebrew – the “cyber whistle”, at a cost of $ 50 tabin and tequila. This is not an unprecedented technological innovation, similar to the other products he has already sold, but rather an innocent whistle made of a light alloy and built in the shape of the Cybertruck, which is not the futuristic Jeep from the maker of Tesla.

Elon Musk and a Tesla car (Photo: Reuters)

The product description on the store’s website defines the strange object as follows: “The CyberWisel is a unique collector’s item inspired by the Cybertrack, made of a stainless alloy with a glossy finish.” And yes, you guessed it – out of stock. According to the Ingadget website, which covers the world of gadgets and technological innovation, Musk has already managed to sell strange products like this through another company he owns called “The Boring Company”, for example: a branded flamethrower, a surfboard with a “logo”. Tesla “and more. On the official website of the car giant you will also find branded cups, hats, shirts and miniature models of the cars that the company produces

Link to buy the product on the official website of “Tesla” (do not bother, stock is out)

It is possible that Musk began selling the whistle as a kind of provocation to its competitors in the technology giant “Apple”, which suffered severe consumer criticism following the launch of a branded screen cleaning cloth worth $ 19. He even tweeted the subject on his personal Twitter account, writing: “Do not waste money on Apple’s silly rag, fix our whistle instead.”

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