The technology start-up Ginger, which operates in the field of insurance-tech, specializes in travel insurance abroad and health insurance for high-tech companies and their employees.

Ginger is a unique technology-based agency that caters to the high-tech population, medium and small companies, and offers travel insurance and health insurance. The company was founded in 2018, and is headed by its founder and co-owner, Asherat Ben Moshe, who has extensive experience in the insurance industry and is a former VP of sales at Clal Insurance.

The company has developed a platform that enables companies and high-tech workers in Israel to manage travel and business flight tracking, and offers an efficient and agile solution from travel insurance to other complementary services related to travel: expense management, flight tracking, digital documentation, online refunds and other benefits for business travelers. Doctor available online 24/7, locating a local doctor and more.

During 2020, a year in which the entire world faced the corona crisis, the company decided to expand its operations and add health insurance to its product portfolio, and launched the Ginger 360 service – an innovative health insurance for high-tech employees, based on technology developed by companies. And high-tech. Ginger’s customer portfolio includes more than 100 companies, including the largest companies in the Israeli and global economy, such as Playtica, Team8 Group, eToro, the defense industries and more.

According to Asherat Ben Moshe, CEO and founder of the company: “Beyond the unique insurance solutions we produce for our customers, the platform, combined with complementary services, creates a different user experience and value for our customers, adapted to high-tech.”

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