Israeli development: This is how artificial intelligence helps reduce traffic jams

Exelerate has developed the GO GREEN algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to significantly reduce traffic jams on major roads and within major cities.

The company explained that experimenting with the algorithm and operating it at time nodes during traffic loads resulted in improved traffic and increased the flow of traffic at nodes where the algorithm was activated considerably. The algorithm works in real time and knows how to route the movement to less crowded arms while managing the green light times.

The controller and system operator can define for the algorithm a main road and nodes according to importance and priorities, so that the algorithm studies the area, the nature of the traffic in these areas and knows in advance to estimate the load that exists at a given time. By actively learning the algorithm, which is made possible through artificial intelligence it is able to route traffic to less congested nodes.

The company said that the algorithm was activated at the pilots’ junction, near Ben Gurion Airport, where Highway 40 meets Highway 461 and at nearby junctions it managed to reduce traffic loads in this area by almost 40 percent. ” him. “If proper infrastructure development is carried out alongside the promotion of the public transportation system, the success data of the algorithm are expected to increase significantly,” they stressed.

Ziv Neumann, CEO of Exelerate, added: “The algorithm knows how to interface with all the different transportation systems and its purpose is to sit on the array of traffic lights it is in charge of, to observe, predict and operate in order to achieve maximum optimization.”

He stressed that: “This is not a magic solution to road congestion but the experiment in our algorithm has certainly shown that it can reduce traffic congestion and thus significantly improve the travel experience of Israelis, reduce their time on the road every morning and of course reduce pollution. The time base that citizens are stuck in traffic jams is estimated at NIS 25 billion a year. ”

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