Facebook removed accounts linked to Hamas

According to the company, the accounts committed “uncoordinated misconduct.” Accounts were also removed from Italy, France, Vietnam, Belarus and China, due to various violations of company policy related to propaganda and dissemination of false information

Facebook (Meta) reports that it removed 141 Palestinian personal accounts from its platform in November, in addition to 79 pages, 13 groups, and 21 Instagram accounts. “We found this activity as part of our internal investigation into uncoordinated behavior in the region, which we linked to Hamas,” the nation’s threat report released last week said. According to the report, those accounts targeted mainly other Palestinian elements in the Gaza Strip, and to a lesser extent – elements in Israel and Egypt.

Facebook defines unauthentic behavior as “the use of company assets (accounts, pages, groups or events) to mislead people or Facebook itself about the identity, purpose or source of the represented identity.” The company prohibits unauthorized misconduct, defined as “the use of multiple Facebook or Instagram assets while working together, with the use of fake accounts being a key part of the operation.”

In addition, the company removed a network of accounts originating in Italy and France, which carried out mass harassment against medical professionals, journalists and elected officials. Facebook has announced that it has been able to link this activity to a vaccine opposition movement called V_V, which has been reported to be operating violently online and in the real world. “Although we do not prohibit all V_V content, we continue to monitor the situation,” the report said.

An anti-government Vietnamese account network was also located and removed from the platform, which filed mass false complaints against publications and accounts of various government-linked entities in Hanoi, as well as counterfeit accounts from Poland (directed mainly against Belarus and Iraq), Belarus (mainly against Middle East and European countries). Some accounts have been identified with the country’s intelligence services, and China (against US and UK officials, as well as against Chinese speakers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet).

Twitter also released a similar report last week, revealing that it removed 3,465 accounts linked to nation states, which disseminated false information or were themselves fake accounts. The countries behind the accounts, according to the company, are Mexico, China, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda, Venezuela.

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