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Samsung has certified your next model of Galaxy Z Fold folding book.type mobile in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, and in the documents has revealed that the device will add the support for the use of the S.Pen stylus.

The South Korean company has certified a portable device with the FCC model number SM.F926U, which corresponds to the new mobile model with a folding screen Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In the accompanying documentation, as My Smart Price has warned, it is shown that the device will be the first of the family of mobiles with the folding screen to add the support for the brand’s stylus, S.Pen, included as standard in the Galaxy Note family of ‘phablets’.

Also, documentation attached by Samsung to the FCC shows that the device also offers the support for ‘ultra.wideband’ (UWB) technology, a very high frequency, short.range wireless communication protocol that improves communication speed and direction. UWB was already present in Z Fold 2.

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