Windows clipboard will support new formats for copying and pasting from Chrome and Edge

Microsoft and Google are working to expand the formats supported by the Windows clipboard with the ‘Copy and paste’ tool of Chrome and Edge browsers, beyond jpeg images and urls.

Currently, when you perform the command to copy items from a web browser to paste them into a Windows application, the formats supported by this tool include jpeg and png images and urls, along with plain text and rich text.

However, it does not include support for more specialized formats, such as TIFF, used in the graphic industry and professional photography, or docx for Microsoft Word texts. Both Google and Microsoft hope to correct this flaw with the Pickle Clipboard API.

The changes introduced by the API are expected to benefit the content uploaded to the web by the user, and will foreseeably arrive with Chrome 98 or Edge 98, as reflected in the Chromestatus page dedicated to this novelty.

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