The trend of switching to online shopping during the Corona crisis has led business owners to conclude that digital presence is a must in the modern age, and even large ecommerce sites understand that despite the switch to online shopping, the consumer wants to feel physically in store with all the benefits.

To this end, many leading shopping sites around the world are implementing visual artificial intelligence (AI) technology that accurately, monitors and maximizes the decoding capabilities of the buyer’s character. Syte, for example, has developed a platform for searching and locating products with the help of visual artificial intelligence, which provides buyers with an intuitive shopping experience.

The algorithm it developed consists of about 4,000 different features that make up a unique consumer profile for each surfer according to his preferences and selection of items in real time, for example: favorite colors, cut, design patterns, preferred fabric types and more.

According to the company’s data, the promotion days of November 2020 led to a huge increase in website traffic compared to a regular weekend: at fashion sites 88% more visits were measured, at jewelry sales sites 182% more were measured, and at home design sites an 18% increase was measured. This is about 37 million entries to the ecommerce sites that Syte works with, including the fashion giants SHEIN, Farfetch, Coleman Furniture and more.

“When a buyer first enters the site in order to take advantage of the November promotions, and experiences a customized, complete and fast shopping experience, it has been proven that the chances of returning to the site during the rest of the year increase,” explains Vered Levy-Ron, CEO of Syte. “Easily and quickly exactly the items we planned to order, and even if the items are no longer in stock, the added value they will receive from the platform will be offers for similar items that are available for purchase, also of course based on the buyer’s preferences and customized.”

Augmind, a company that specializes in creating 3D content in augmented and virtual reality, has developed a unique technology that enables the operation of high-quality 3D content on any existing leading platform (phones, tablets, AR&VR glasses).

“The sensory shopping experience is very important to the consumer, and we want to bring this through our technology,” explains Yuval Gluz, entrepreneur and founder of Augmind. “Physical stores can have interactive shopping experiences combined with holograms, AR glasses or any other three-dimensional experience, such as an interactive smart mirror that we can stand up to, and it will show us what the clothes we have chosen will look like on us.

“We will also be able to conduct our shopping in a virtual measurement from home, whether it is a piece of jewelry, a garment, a shoe or any other item of clothing, we will not have to physically reach stores and we will be able to see the matching of products through mobile devices.”

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