Copa América, “where do I vote”, Mauro Viale and Wandagate, among the most searched of 2021 in Google Argentina

Google presented “The year in searches”, the annual summary that analyzes which were the terms that aroused the most interest during 2021 in Argentina.

Unlike last year, in which the pandemic starred in most of the lists, this time there are various topics that aroused the curiosity of Argentines: from the Copa América, through the Elections, the Olympic Games, entertainment and the discount events.

The main search trends in Google Argentina

“Draw” Martínez., The Argentine figure who became a trend during the Copa América. Photo EFE

With the return of football to its fullest and obtaining a new title for the Argentine National Team after 28 years, America’s Cup was the number one search trend in 2021. The special seasoning of this conquest had to do with the rival of the last game, Brazil, and with the revelation player: “Draw” Martínez. The archer is also present in the People list and aroused curiosity why they call him “Draw”.

Every time Argentines have to go to the polls, the Search Engine becomes the chosen destination so that people can easily find information associated with the elections and access to official sources. With the arrival of the Legislative Elections, the question “Where I vote” it reached the second place within the searches that grew the most in Argentina.

Also, what happens if I don’t vote? and How to vote? make up the lists of “what” and “how”, respectively.

The surprise of the year is the NBA, which was definitely a boom among Argentines – it ranked number three on the general trend list, possibly due to the three Argentinian representatives playing in the United States: Facundo Campazzo (Denver Nuggets) and their participation in the Playoffs in May 2021, Leandro Bolmaro (Minnesota Timberwolves) y Gabriel Deck (Oklahoma City Thunder).

  1. America Cup
  2. Where I vote
  3. NBA
  4. Mauro Viale
  5. PSG
  6. Hot Sale
  7. Get vaccinated
  8. Wanda Nara
  9. Qualifying Qatar 2022
  10. Chano

The most searched characters of 2021 in Google Argentina

Chano's accident generated a lot of interest. Photo Diego Waldman Chano’s accident generated a lot of interest. Photo Diego Waldman

Although the football universe has several representatives within the list of most popular people in 2021, there were also searches related to music and entertainment references. The first place goes to Mauro Viale for the news of his death on April 11, after contracting coronavirus.

In turn, other Argentine figures appear such as Wanda Nara, the singer Chano, Draw Martínez, China Suárez and Agustina Posse.

  1. Mauro Viale
  2. Wanda Nara
  3. Chano
  4. Dibu Martínez
  5. Morro Garcia
  6. China Suarez
  7. Alec Baldwin
  8. Augustine Possession
  9. Christian Eriksen
  10. Zac Efron

The most searched events of 2021 in Google Argentina

Hand in hand with Campazzo, the NBA got onto the search podium. AFP photo Hand in hand with Campazzo, the NBA got onto the search podium. AFP photo

Like last year, sport was the ground wire of many Argentines This is demonstrated by the growing interest in the searches for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, the NBA, the 2021 Olympic Games and the 2021 Libertadores Cup.

Other events that generated great interest were the linked to online commerce: the Hot Sale and CyberMonday 2021. The Elections 2021, the Chinese rocket and Easter 2021 complete the list of the most popular events.

  1. America Cup
  2. NBA
  3. Hot Sale
  4. Qualifying Qatar 2022
  5. 2021 Olympics
  6. CyberMonday 2021
  7. Elections 2021
  8. Chinese rocket
  9. Easter 2021
  10. Copa Libertadores 2021

Cooking, a habit that came in 2020 to stay

Banoffee pie, a success. Photo shutterstock Banoffee pie, a success. Photo shutterstock

The search for recipes, options, and cooking ideas They once again positioned themselves very high within the activities to develop inside the home, a habit that began last year due to isolation.

In 2021, Argentines went to the Search Engine to get the step-by-step of some recipes. What were the main ones? In the top 10 are: Banoffee cake, Pizza in teglia, Sponge cake, Easter cake, Rosti potatoes, Fried cake, Scrambled eggs, Macarons, Tiger milk and Arepas.

  1. Banoffee Pie Recipe
  2. Receta de Pizza in a pan
  3. Sponge Cake Recipe
  4. Rich and fluffy Rosca de Pascua recipe
  5. Rosti potatoes recipe
  6. Fried Cake Recipe
  7. Scrambled eggs recipe
  8. Macarons Recipe
  9. Tiger Milk Recipe
  10. Arepas Recipe

The most searched series, movies and TV shows of 2021 in Google Argentina

The squid game, one of the raging series of 2021. Photo Shutterstock The squid game, one of the raging series of 2021. Photo Shutterstock

In addition to food, entertainment content was at the center of searches this year. The return to the screen of La Voz Argentina it became the great novelty in the ranking of Series and TV shows, ranking first.

Followed by the Korean series Fury of the Moment The Squid Game, the cooking reality show MasterChef, Eternals (the new Marvel movie), Doctor Milagro, Bridgerton, Cobra Kai (had taken first place last year), Black Widow, Sky Rojo and the Argentine series Okupas.

  1. The Argentine Voice 2021
  2. The Squid Game
  3. MasterChef
  4. Eternals
  5. Doctor Miracle
  6. Bridgerton
  7. Cobra Kai
  8. Black Widow
  9. Sky Red
  10. Occupy

The most searched questions of 2021 in Google Argentina: “What …”

  1. What does “nashe” mean?
  2. What does “mojón” mean in Venezuela?
  3. What happens in Colombia?
  4. What about WhatsApp?
  5. What does “uwu” mean?
  6. What happens if I don’t vote?
  7. What is thrombosis?
  8. What is Telegram?
  9. What dinosaur has 500 teeth?
  10. What is the AMBA?

The most searched questions of 2021 in Google Argentina: “How …”

  1. How to vote?
  2. What is the name of Thor’s hammer?
  3. How to vote in La Voz Argentina 2021?
  4. How do I know if I collect the 15000 bonus?
  5. How did Peppa Pig die?
  6. How do I know if the food card with DNI corresponds to me?
  7. How are the elections going?
  8. How do I know if I charge the IFE 4?
  9. How to sign up for the vaccine? How is Carmen Barbieri?

The most searched questions of 2021 in Google Argentina: “Why …”

  1. Why is it a holiday on October 8?
  2. Why isn’t WhatsApp working?
  3. Why is it a holiday on June 21?
  4. Why is Messi leaving Barcelona?
  5. Why is Russia ROC?
  6. Why do they call Emiliano Martínez Draw?
  7. Why don’t you eat meat at Easter?
  8. Why do they call Claudia Fontán Gunda?
  9. Why Were Chain Saws Invented?
  10. Why is it a holiday on August 16?

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