Cyber ​​attacks escalate: Social Security website collapses for an hour

The Social Security website was attacked this afternoon (Wednesday) by a group of hackers from abroad. The Social Security service announced that the attack focused on loading information on the site defined as a “denial of service attack”. Service from the site.

As a result of the attack, the website stopped operating for a short period of time. The members of the Social Security cyber and computer system began to deal with the problem and blocked the access of the attackers from abroad, thus returning the site to operation.

Social Security announced that the attack did not result in a breach of databases, as well as the public details in which they were kept. It was also reported that the computers in the Social Security work as usual and a person who comes to branches around the country can receive service.

As you may recall, over the last period there have been a number of cyber attacks on government institutions, including Bar Ilan University and Hillel Yaffe Hospital, whose computer systems have been damaged and partially functioning for several days.

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