– Lots of sport, distance learning, the unforgettable Raffaella Carrà and the green pass, whether it’s normal or super. These are the themes that have set a trend in Italy in 2021 according to the report ‘A year of Google searches’.

The topics that recorded the highest research peaks compared to 2020 are rich and multifaceted. Words (still) linked to the pandemic, which have seen the search engine interrogate to find help on how to move in a reality made up of certifications, vaccines and areas with variable colors.

Personalities who have characterized the international sports scene, leading to new challenges and new successes, which they have guided in the political sphere; artists who have brought our music to success in Italy and around the world; and big names we had to say goodbye to. But 2021 is also the year of the great what it means – from the zan bill to the term transgender, passing through the acronyms and terms more specifically linked to the Covid-19 pandemic; of the ‘whys’ linked to political and social current events. But also how, referring to practical issues related to vaccines and daily life.

Here are the top ten by category:

Words of the year

  1. A league
  2. Europeans
  3. Classroom
  4. Raffaella Carrà
  5. Champions League
  6. Roland Garros
  7. Christian Eriksen
  8. Wimbledon
  9. Green Pass
  10. Matteo Berrettini


  1. Christian Eriksen
  2. Matteo Berrettini
  3. Mario Draghi
  4. Gianluigi Donnarumma
  5. Maneskin
  6. Jannik Sinner
  7. Giuseppe Conte
  8. Federica Pellegrini
  9. Orietta Berti
  10. Marcell Jacobs


  1. Raffaella Carrà
  2. Michele Merlo
  3. Franco Battiato
  4. Gino Strada
  5. Carla Fracci
  6. Libero de Rienzo
  7. Rossano Rubiconi
  8. Milva
  9. Prince Philip
  10. Nick Came


  1. Green Pass
  2. Book the Covid vaccine
  3. AstraZeneca
  4. Covid today
  5. Curfew
  6. Orange zone 7
  7. Reservation vaccine Tuscany
  8. Self-certification March 2021
  9. Piedmont vaccinates you
  10. Booking vaccine Lombardy

What does it mean…?

  1. DDL Zan
  2. Reinforced red zone
  3. Resilience
  4. Transgender
  5. Endemic
  6. RDW alto
  7. LOL
  8. This 2163 ffp2
  9. Intermediate vote
  10. Low MCHC


  1. Download the Green Pass
  2. Ends Masha and the Bear
  3. Book the vaccine
  4. Fare lo SPID
  5. Book the third dose
  6. Get the Green Pass
  7. Pfizer vaccine works
  8. Cashback works
  9. Apply for the spa bonus
  10. The receipt lottery works


  1. Conte resigns
  2. WhatsApp does not work
  3. The British took the medal away
  4. It is celebrated on March 8th
  5. Israel attacks Gaza
  6. Prince Philip is not king
  7. The Taliban entered Kabul
  8. Messi leaves Barcelona
  9. Dogs lick
  10. Italy does not kneel

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