Serious security breach endangers Twitter, Tesla and Apple users  all the details

The national cyber array updated tonight (Saturday) about a serious security breach discovered in the library of the Apache network server program. The weakness has been named Log4j, and among the popular companies that may be affected by it can be found Twitter, Apple, Tesla and Microsoft.

Lotem Finkelstein, director of research and intelligence at Check Point, explained: “Over the weekend, a vulnerability was discovered in one of the most popular software beliefs in documenting Internet service users’ activity. Microsoft, Minecraft and more. ”

He said that due to the simplicity of the security vulnerability, the road to its exploitation was short – and within a few hours different attackers began to use it. “In just 12 hours, we have seen more than 40,000 attempts to exploit it,” he said.

“However, under the auspices of noise, more advanced attackers may act aggressively against quality targets. This is further evidence of the cyber epidemics that occur on us from time to time. “In order to reduce the success of the attackers, we urge any organization or service that has not taken defensive measures against this attack to do so now and protect the information and assets in its possession.”

Check Point noted that the number of attempts to exploit the vulnerability jumped to more than 86,000, this morning with the arrival in the United States, where most of the attacks are recorded. This is a doubling of the total number of attempts, which indicates the overall trend. They estimate that the number is likely to continue to rise, and that anyone who does not use the defense will be attacked.

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