Facebook will provide live chat support to creators who lose access to their accounts

Facebook has announced a new batch of measures to help creators, including the testing of a function to provide Live chat support with creators who have lost access to their accounts.

To enhance the support it provides to creators, a small number of US English-speaking accounts They will be able to access this function through chat in real time with a company employee, as Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has reported in a statement.

Through this support line, the Facebook and Instagram creators They can solve different problems in their accounts, as well as solve doubts about recent functions of the platform, such as Instagram Reels. This “little test”, as defined by Facebook, will be extended to more creators by invitation.

Specifically for the Facebook application, in addition, creators can also access a limited test for chat support with a company employee for help them regain access to their account in cases where they cannot log in or have been suspended.

“This will be the first time Facebook has offered live help for people locked out of their accounts“, as Meta has detailed in the statement.

The American company has completed its functions for creators with the option that they add to users from your community to help them moderate on your behalf broadcasts in real time.

Additionally, live content creators can access additional moderation tools such as the option to block insults and profanity, suspend and block controls, and more control over comments.

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