MADRID, 25 Jun- – –

Google has redesigned the Contacts section of your professional Workspace tools, which are now offers more information about co-workers and that also includes a history with the last recent interactions with the user-

Updating Google Contacts affects both the side bar of the service as well as the specific website of the service, and seeks to offer more detailed information about the rest of users, as Google has informed in a statement-

Among the new data added to the contacts section is the management chain, department and position that each employee in the company occupies, within a new aspect of the redesigned directories, with circles-

Likewise, Google Contacts has incorporated more information through a new history section, in which it collects recent interactions with the contact’s user, including Gmail conversations and meetings via Google Meet

The new design of the Google Workspace contacts section has started to arrive this Thursday, and will continue to spread gradually among professional users of these tools over the next 15 days-

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