The field of smartwatches has not experienced a particularly significant change in recent years and it is likely that such a radical change is not expected in the near future. However, the various companies continue to come up with ideas for possible changes and features. In recent days, a screenshot of a patent application filed by Samsung about six months ago, which includes a particularly surprising change in the watch screen, was published on the letsgodigial website.

In the illustration included in the document, you can see a watch with a fairly round and average screen, which can be expanded to an oval shape by pressing a button on the side of the device. Clicking enlarges the watch screen by about 40 percent compared to its original size. The company estimates that a larger screen may encourage people to watch videos on the watch, with one of the drawings depicting a figure looking like a Marvel queue. The illustrations also show that in the center of the open screen is a camera lens, which is intended for taking pictures or video.

In the eyes of many users, one of the disadvantages of the smartwatch is the very fact that it is an ancillary device. There are many actions that can be performed without touching the smartphone, but many times it is a rather tedious action, and anyone who has tried to reply to a message using the watch will be able to agree to it. In fact, no matter what the size of the screen, or the level of accuracy of the voice assistant – more complex messages than “yes” require the use of a mobile phone. Another problematic thing about the smartwatch is its battery life, which makes the option of conducting long calls sound impossible.

However, the capabilities of the watches have improved in recent years, when you can pay with them without having to remove the device, and in some models you can even make phone calls, without the need to be close to the device.

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