The Israeli company WalkOut, which has developed a smart shopping cart, has signed an extensive cooperation agreement with the market warehouse chain, under which the chain will assimilate the fully autonomous fund in all 62 branches.

WalkOut’s smart cart is based on machine learning technology and computer vision that provide an accurate product identification solution, and presents innovation thanks to its modular implementation and assembly on existing carts, so in addition to technological differentiation it is a huge advantage of the product in terms of economic savings.

The cart is based on cameras located at different angles and allows scanning and identification of the items that the buyer adds or removes from the cart with an accuracy of up to 99.2%. The WalkOut stroller features a large interactive touch screen that communicates with the buyer and offers a variety of customized recommendations. This system also identifies repeat customers and updates on promotions and supplementary information based on the history and location of the buyer. Thanks to its unique algorithms, it will be able to use the accumulated knowledge about the customer’s buying habits, including components that he seeks to avoid.

This unique cart serves as a mobile cash register that allows you to pay for the shopping cart quickly and conveniently. The carts themselves are networked with cameras that detect the products that come in and are removed from the cart so that they automatically go into the final account and all that is left for the customer is to pay and leave.

“Connecting to one of the largest retail chains in Israel is an exciting opportunity and an important milestone for us,” said Assaf Gedalia, CEO and co-founder of WalkOut. Futuristic and personal and at the same time preserves the customer’s privacy. “

Shalom Naaman, CEO and owner of the Market Warehouses chain, added: “As a chain that advocates innovative technologies, we wanted to offer our customers significant savings in waiting times at the checkouts and provide a more personal, accessible and efficient shopping experience.”

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