Microsoft fixes a Teams bug that prevented emergency calls on Android

Microsoft has fixed a malfunction in its collaborative work and video calling application Teams that prevented Android mobile users from being able to call emergency numbers if they were not previously registered in their accounts.

The bug in question was originally discovered by Mishaal Rahman, former XDA Developers editor-in-chief, who echoed users who had experienced the problem on Google Pixel mobiles and they had reported it on Reddit.

Affected users they couldn’t use the Teams app on Android to call emergency phones, such as 112 in Spain or 911 in the United States. As a result, the phone was locked with background call frozen.

The failure only occurred if users weren’t logged into their Teams accounts when trying to make these emergency calls and could be corrected by restarting the app, but it could delay calls at critical times.

To solve the problems in emergency calls, Microsoft has already launched a Teams update that fixes this bug, as reported by the Android Police portal.

Likewise, Google has confirmed the existence of this error to affected Reddit users, although it states that it only occurs “under a limited set of circumstances.”

The problem is due to a “unwanted interaction” between the Microsoft Teams application and the Android operating system, for which Google will release a patch on January 4 that fixes the bug. It has also recommended updating to Android 10 or higher for security reasons.

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