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MADRID, 25 Jun- – –

Mozilla has presented a tool with which it encourages Internet users to donate your data to studies and research that allow the development of other tools, functions and policies to combat exploitative technology-

Rally is a Firefox browser add-on in which users can voluntarily share demographic data- Mozilla ensures that they should always give your consent before participating, and that they have the option to drop out how and when they want-

The company points out that although it collects data in the same way as other platforms, the big difference is that collects only what it tells the user it will collect and “not one more byte”- The data they are encrypted at all times, until they are entered into a “secure scanning environment” without an Internet connection-

The company indicates on the tool’s website that it is possible also choose what you want to share and that, in any case, permission will be asked before sharing any information for an investigation- Access to data is limited, according to Mozilla, and researchers only have data that is related to their studies-

With this tool, Mozilla defends that it is possible to build a better Internet and combat exploitative technology- “We believe that when people come together and offer their data to causes that matter, we can build an Internet based on consent, trust and transparency “-

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